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Default New take on a euro mount

Hey guys, thought you might like to see this. The mount was done with a 12in slate tile from Home depot. I drilled a 1/4in hole in the center, then epoxied a 4in tile in one corner pointed towards the center. I then epoxied decorative stones around the edge, and coated the whole thing with polyurethane to bring out the color in the rock/slate and give it a shine. Then I attached skull with a toggle bolt into the opening in the back of the skull and tightened it snug, and used JB weld to bond the skull with the 4in tile. In hindsight I would have cut the corner off of the 4in tile a little to give myself more surface to bond the skull with. I also used a metal plate that is normally used to fabricate trusses as a washer on the back for 2 reasons. I needed something to keep the toggle bolt head from pulling through the slate because it's so soft, and also to give myself something a little wider to hang it with ( ran a piece of picture wire between the corners so that I could level it ). At any rate, I am pretty proud of the results. If anyone has any questions just let me know.

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