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Default RE: Bowhunting TV Shows - likes/dislikes?

Yeah, I'm with tx - there's more useful information out thereabout bowhunting than a guy could learn in 2 lifetimes. Give it to us.

Most people don't know anything about string materials, shortcuts to hanging a fixed stand, how to fletch an arrow, how to properly install a tree step, how to set up a clean mock scrape, how to properly run a drag line, etc...

Hunting shows aren't informational anymore - they're infomercials.

Tell me why camo pattern x is best for this stand set. Tell me why you went with a thumb-release instead of an index-finger caliper. Tell us why you had your bow restrung with 452X. Tell us why you're shooting cock-vane-up out of your particular rest. Tell us how many times this particular stand has been hunted, and under which prevailing winds, and why. Tell us why you're using a particular call or rattling pattern. Tell us about the thermals. Tell us about why you chose broadhead X over broadhead Y. Tell us what your riser is made out of, and how it's going to act in the cold. Tell us why you went with a heavy wood grip over a metal one with wooden sideplates. Tell us about draw length, speed, and how to maximize both of them. ....and BE ENTERTAINING WHILE YOU'RE DOING IT!

Seriously - most people don't know this stuff.

Obviously, all that is nice, in theory, but you can't produce a hunting show without sponsors... and nobody's sponsor wants you to be pimping somebody else's brand on their dime.

Catch - 22

...I'm big into "themes." Every show should have a theme. Glassing, picking a stand site, safety, string selection, broadhead selection, sights, rests, stand selection, climbing, arrow selection, wind, crops, food sources, bedding, water, scent, proper scouting, etc... Just pick a theme, show us the "how and why," then show us howthose tactics led tofilling a tag.
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