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Default Oh string broke

I was shooting my Guardian last night and about the worse thing happened. I pulled back, took aim, started to squeeze the trigger, and bang. My string broke. It broke right at the peep sight. I measured it to make sure where it exactly broke and it was right at the peep. I do not know if the string broke before I hit the release point or not. My arrow hit close to where I was aiming. Thank god I have I learned to pull back on target or who knows where an arrow could have gone. My bow hand got cut up a little on the top side of my thumb. It is still swollen and hurts some. I got hit by the loop. You can actually see where the knots of the loop hit. The loop was also moved up the string about an inch. I dont' know how that would have happened. The limbs have a little chip taken out of them when the cams turned all the way over.

I have only seen two broken stings in my life and both broke at the point where it attaches to the cam. Is it common for the string to break at the peep when they do break? I waxed the sting and cables every 50 - 75 shots and I have only had the bow since June 2nd. I checked the string and cables about 5 minutes before this happened because I noticed that the string was starting to strech. The servings were starting to pull apart in the ussual places. What would have cause this. Do you think bowtech will take care of me with this, or am I stuck holding the bill. I called my proshop and they said that they needed to look at it before they can do anything and maybe send it to bowtech.

Any answers from you guys might calm my nerves a bit. I couldn't sleep last night. I hope I can get it back up and working before mid August for Antelope season.

Oh, one more thing. I swear on all of my deceased loved one's graves that I did not dry fire my bow.
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