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Default RE: Indiana Deer Rifle

Is the 460 S&W legal? That would be an awesome round. H&R is making their Buffalo Classic long distance rifle in 45 LC. I have been told that it could be chambered to the 460 S&W. And then you could still shoot 45 LC ammo for practice.

I also think the 1894 Marlin Cowboy in 45 LC would be an awesome rifle.

However the best would be the BC in 460S&W. In the hands of a well practiced and competant shooter. I think 300 yard kills would not be a problem with the 460. Just my opinion. But I am pretty sure I could do it. It might take a 1000 rounds to really learn your rifle, but I have plenty of casting lead, and powder is cheaper if you buy the bigger can. Tom.
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