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Default RE: whisker biscuts

You brought up an interesting thing when you mentioned the arrows are touching the whole way around the WB. That is probably thesource of the problem. I believe that the shaft gets pinched in the fibers and that is what is causing the wobble. Carolina's site recommends that there is space between the arrow and the fibers. There is nothing wrong with using a WB that is too large. However, one that is too small will cause problems.

Here's another issue to think about. The WB is damaging the vanes and when the vanes make contact with the WB that is causing the erratic flight. Also, if 1 of your vanes curls the opposite of the rest it will cause a wobble.

I'd agree with you waiting until you get the axis w/ Blazers before trying anymore tuning. It sounds like the WB that comes w/ theTomkat is a medium, or is not made for standard aluminums.

After you sighting in the pin at 4 yds were did was your impact point at 40?

It would be great if you were closer. That's for sure.
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