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I had to waith untill my new modules for a shorter drawlength were put on the bow.
I've been shooting 2114's through the WB and the arrows are held in all direction by the WB ( touching the arrow all around )
I think the arrows aren't stiff enough and are hitting the ring of the WB when released, I hear a "plastic"click when I shoot ( I made sure it wasn't something else ) and the some of my 4" vanes are ripping about 3/4 way up, not at the front.
I shot at 20 yards and saw my arrows wobble sideways, thenI shot at 40 yards and I had tighter groups.... I like the WB but if it doesn't get better with my st axis 400spine arrows, I'll change the WB for a drop away rest.

I can't tell if it's a medium or a large WB, it came with the bow ( tomkat with hunting package )
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