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Default Short barreled bolt gun with iron sights

I'm looking for a small handy brush gun with a bolt action. It will be used for wild hogs and the occasional spanish goat. Maybe even a small blacktail deer or two. I like the .308 caliber, wouldn't mind a .270 either. The ammo has to be pretty readily available because it's hard to find those weird calibers in Hawaii. The gun must have a short barrel around 20" or shorter. Here's the hard part. It also must have iron sights. Most of the hunting here is in dense brush where visilbility is under 25 yards. Scopes dont make much sense because of the low light and constant moisture and rain. I would like to be able to fix a scope on if needed but the iron sights are cruuucial. i really like the model 7 but they dont make any with iron sights. anyone have any experience with the remington model 673?
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