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Default RE: Global cooling.

ORIGINAL: kevin1

Isn't there some funny little law of thermodynamics that prevents us from ever getting more from a system than we can get from it? Petroleum sells like hotcakes, yet car engines only burn it at around 25% efficiency.
Yep, called conservation of energy. Energy output will never be greater than energy input due to heat loss. What im refering to is that fusion consumes way more energy to get the process going and is short lived, so no net gain. The fuel would be the strong force in the atom so the fuel is endless, yet the net yeild is to lopsided (on earth that is). There will come a day.

Our problem with fusion on earth is that we can not sustain the mass density required with a net yeild of energy.To maintain it, it requires more energy, there for, we get less from the nuclear strong force than we put in through other fuels.
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