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Default RE: Speaking of physics - STS thought

Had a customer comein Monday who wanted to buy a new bow. He asked the age-old question, "What do you shoot?" As usual, I refused to answer that question and wanted him to try as many as he wanted and make that decision on his own. I do, however, answer technical questions about all the bows/designs.

I explained in detail about the Hoyt design and in particular the STS style string dampener. I told him the positives and negatives of the dampener and he especially was concerned aboutmy statementsconcerningnoise generation which has been experienced on some bows. He asked if the unit could be removed and I immediately did so.

When he shot the bow without the unit, the difference in vibration wasjustslightly more,but the noisechange was noticeable. He couldn't hear it that muchwhile shooting, but when I shot the bow with him listening, he said it was much more quiet with it off.

He bought the bow and wants it off. He then asked me why I didn't take it off all the Hoyts since it was definitely more noisey with it on. Good question.

Is the answer that some people want a littleless vibration but are willing to accept more noise???
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