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Default foodplots in texas

well i just recently bought me a mantis tiller and now i want to put it to use and try to make some nice small foodplots with it.....well first of all what brand would yall go with?mossy aok, whitetail,evolved habitats,and so forth........and which one is a good place to order a soil sample from?i headr that it is good to till real deep down here in texas because of droughts and low rain fall is this true?and the next step would be what type of seed ?anything else yall would like to add?most bands say to plant in fall so i think im just goin to till my spots deep now and then do some light tilling when its closer to fall....also whats a good spot to put these plots i was thinkin of just putting some extras on our senderos like in the middle of the road so the trucks wont damage the plants....but any info will be wanted...
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