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Default Speaking of physics - STS thought

I see these String suppressors are all the rage right now. Everybody's gotta have one. Ok.

Watch the video on this thread before responding. It's maybe 1/3 of the way down the page...

Now, let'stalk about symmetry and shock. To totally eliminate vibration, every force must be equally offset by an equal and opposite reaction. Simple enough, right.

Take your bow, hold it in your hand, and use your free hand to jar the bottom limb. The whole bow jumps and twists and torques, right?

Okay, now imagine that you had three arms. One holding the bow, and the other two jarring both the top limb and the bottom limb at the same time with the exact same amount of force. Now, you'll just feel a uniform recoil, pushing the bow backward, right? It's all about symmetry.

Apply this to the STS. Watching this video, it's really clear that the whole STS concept is asymmetrical. You have a string slap on the bottom half of your bow, with nothing to mirror that impact on the top half.

The point is: for a perfect vibration dampening system, you need TWO STS's, not ONE. You need one placed on the bottom, and a second one placed at the TOP.

I know that none of the new '07 models are tapped for an STS mount on the top half of the string, but why not?

Watching the video, you can clearly see that the bottom half of the string is quickly arrested, while the top half continues to flap.

I just think that if you had two string suppressors, both placed equidistant from the top and bottom cam, that you would achieve the most optimal shock/recoil reduction.

What do you guys think?
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