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Default 5 Bowtechs forsale

I have these five bows for sale 3 our my personal bows 2 are a friends. We have both made the switch to a different company and culling out the older ones. so here we go

I have 2, 07 guardians ones 29/70 the others 29/60 The 60# has a bodoodle rest on it the 70# a rip cord both have peeps and leeches and loops. Both are just like they came out of the box $700.00 tyd

I have a 07 allegiance 29/70 comes with a ripcord rest,vital bow gear adjustable sight, 7" doinker stabilizer,peep, leeches, limb savers,and a string loop less then 50 arrows thru it $700.00 tyd

I have a 05 allegiance 29/70 with 06 limbs trophy taker shaker hunter rest, hha adjustable sight, 11" doinker A-Bomb multi rod stabilizer, sims cable slide, sims cable rod dampener, leeches, limbsavers, peep and a loop and 6 cx maxima arrows $550.00 tyd

I have a 05 liberty 29/70comes with a cobra sidwinder lx sight, ripcord rest limbsavers, leeches, 7'' doinker multi rod stabilizer, peep, loop and 6 cx maxima arrows $500.00 tyd

If you have any questions feel free to ask. All bows but the liberty are here so I can take some pictures and email them if you would like. No reasonable offer refused

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