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jepcho 03-06-2016 09:29 AM

Team 4 Gobbler Blasters
Team 4

1. jepcho
2. turkey harvester
3. colbea
4. camokenny
5. Bible Man
6. Talondale
7. Phil from Maine
8. Jorgy
9. zubba
11. Game Stalker
12. jrbsr

jepcho 03-06-2016 09:31 AM

Here we are guys. Time to check in to Team 4. Really excited about the contest this year and glad to see some names I recognize. Looks like at least 4 of us from our old team of the last 2 years! Excited to get to know everyone else

Game Stalker 03-06-2016 10:37 AM

GS checking in . I've got 2 public areas that hold nice turkey populations and winter here was generally mild. Expecting good things.

colbea 03-06-2016 11:16 AM

I'm ready and waiting for another season. I'll be hunting primarily private land, but have to wait until April 25th to start.

camokenny 03-06-2016 01:53 PM

camokenny checking in. Good to see some past team members again. Lets win this thing guys.

Game Stalker 03-06-2016 09:42 PM

Season here starts 4/9 and runs through 5/14. Anyone want to throw out possible team names and those yet to sign in can add ideas for consideration when they arrive.

I'll throw a few names out while we wait for the rest of the gang.
Feather and Spur, Gobble(r) Knockers, Strutmasters or Turknado Destroyers.

Talondale 03-07-2016 05:32 AM

Checking in guys. Hunting in VA like Game Stalker. Good to see the guys from the 2013 & 14 championship team on here. I've decided to concentrate on public land this year because my private land honey hole has been hit hard with other people being allowed to hunt it and the last 3 years have been a bust but I've been on birds most of the time on public land. I do have a couple private land spots that may pay off though and will hit those too.

Ideas for names:
Gobble Getters
Strut Zone
Spur of the Moment

turkey harvester 03-07-2016 05:43 AM

Checking in!! Will be chasing 4/18 here in Mo. Heard my first gobbler Sat. morning.

Phil from Maine 03-07-2016 08:36 AM

Hi guys!! I am checking in and it is great to be back on a team with some of you guys again!! Yes we will win this thing guys and I hope we keep that good ol communications going again this year.. Good luck team..

jepcho 03-07-2016 04:42 PM

Hey Phil, how are you doing? Hope all is well. You feel up to being captain again this year? No pressure just thought I'd ask, if not I am willing and able.

Also thought I'd throw an idea for a name out there, we've been the turkey killers the last couple years which I like, how about the "turkey killers 2016"? Just throwing it out there. I'm up for anything though.

PS. I like the group we got here, think we got a good chance to win.

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