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I am, but I guess it really doesn't count in the totals.

I hunt til the very last minute of the very last day!
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Well Donnie, as you and I both know, we don't turkey hunt to win a contest. So go get you a bird and have a good time doing it. But then again, we are only one jake away from winning, but we haven't heard from the two in a long time, so I'm assuming they didn't connect or are not hunting.

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Guys, remember I have plenty of contest stickers. If you want a few, pm me your name and address. So far I have received addresses from Big Donnie, j76, and turkey harvester.
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Wow we are so close! Wishin I coulda came up with a better bird. But we don't have that many birds runnin around and if I woulda held out it may have been for the one my son got so what do ya do. It's been a great year and a great team guys! Thanks!
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Kind of quiet around here. Anybody still hunting? Stickers are on the way for those who sent me their address.
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Congrats to everyone who brought home birds! I don't believe we made the cut, but this was definitely a close contest! It seemed like every time I (silently) looked, we'd be in the lead, just to lose it soon again.

I didn't fill both tags this year but I'm happy with the bird I got and I hope you all are equally as satisfied with your own trophies. It's never about winning, never about being better than someone else, and never about killing the bigger bird. It's about enjoying the sport and taking the time to connect with Mother Nature. It's about making memories with friends and family. I personally got to spent a good deal of time with my father and partner, I saw a few things in the fields this spring that I've never seen before, added a few new awesome home videos to the collection and I got to hang another beard and tail on the wall. I call that a win.

We may not be this year's champions, but hopefully we all left the turkey woods feeling a little like winners. Great job to everyone! It was a pleasure being on this team, even if I was a little quiet!
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We had a very good team. Hope I get to be on the same team with everyone in the future
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