JW! the clock is ticking!

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Default JW! the clock is ticking!

Ok JW!, as agreed to today, you asked for me to give you until Thursday, May 31st to tell the whole story. As warned, if you don't, I tell my version of the story. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, my friend.

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I missed - a very nice turkey and on that day which was my 62nd birthday I not only missed once - I missed 2 birds.......Benelli Super Black Eagle with open sights for sale!

4/23 - On my bucket list is to call in a pair of mature toms and me and a partner each shoot one. Has been a dream of mine for quite a few years. I have gotten close several times.
Well on 4/23/2012 I was 62 and it was my birthday and my youngest daughter was hunting with me. I had patterned several pairs of toms and choose this field setting.The birds reacted as planned although they came in at an angle not anticipated. And I got them within 30 yards. 3 very nice Toms. My daughter had my 11-87 with the Nikon Monarch Turkey Pro scope and I was using my Black Eagle with the open sights. I had spent some time shooting this gun again just as I can't see open sight good as I once was able to. Well I coaxed these 3 birds in. Could not ask for a better target. I took the one on the right and my daughter had the one on the left. At the count of 3 we shot. And WE BOTH MISSED! How she missed I'll neber know. Me I blame the open sights. The good thing out of all of this. Neither one of us put a B-B in a bird and they jumped up came back down another 3o yards away and stood there confused.......even the 3 hens with these guys did not leave. Thus my daughter and I spent the nect 3 hrs watching these toms court these hens......finally they left the field to where we could leave the blind.
I quickly took my daughter to the next spot - I did call in one tom from well over 500 yds away. But as he approached he did not like my decoy set up and went wide. It was a good show for my daughter tho. The next set-up was those 3 toms as I tried to call them to another side of the field they use to no avail. Then we hit another farm and did a quick end around run as I found a flock of well over 20 birds. Toms, hens and jakes but I think we got set-up just a tad late. It now as 6 PM as we can hunt to sundown. I was about to call it a day when my partner sent me a text informing me he had a jake and tom in a field he was scouting. He was done and tagged out by 8 that morning.
So with my daughter in tow we rushed to that farm.
I had a 800 yard sneak along a swamp lake which paralled the farm field. I knew of a big ole balsam I had cut the center branches out some 8 yrs ago along this field and we headed to that. Once there I spotted the toms and while my partner had inidicated one was a jake - it was not. Both where mature birds according to their strutting fans.
And I called them in again to about 30 yards. On the shot I missed yet again - however my daughter had connected. So I jumped out of the balsam branches and was yahooing as it was her first......she however was yipping as the recoil of my 11-87 had nicked her knee cap and she was in intense pain. But she soon toughed up after about 15 minutes and we headed out of the field at 7:15 PM. So I missed twice that day.......but once I had my gn back on Tuesday I didn't miss no more. And I will never ever use open sights again - my eyes are too old!


I'll add pics soon....
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Default OK!

Ok! I'll except the version you tell, personally though, I believe I could have told a better version. dog1
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Honestly was it the gun or operater error?????????????
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Been there, done that. I haven't missed very many, but those few were hard to bear.

A recent incident I had was deer hunting this past winter in Ohio. I was on a special drawing deer hunt with a buddy. I missed a nice ten pointer, then a decent nine pointer that my buddy ended up shooting. Found out later my scope had a mount screw 1/8 of a turn loose. Took my muzzleloader the next day and had two does and a very nice 8 pointer at 30 yards. Aimed, pulled the trigger, and "pop". Cap went off but the powder didn't ignite. Ended up shooting a doe and a three pointer after that.

I guess we all have our moments.
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