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Originally Posted by henson59

I would suggest we have 3 different choices for the captains to vote on-

1) Keep the contest as is
2) Each hunter may enter 1 Buck & 1 Doe in any order. The hunter must enter the first buck and doe taken.
3) Each hunter may enter 1 Doe after they have entered a buck into the contest.

If the "Doe rule" is voted in I think it should be left to Fieldmouse to decide the points given for a Doe.

Fieldmouse, I think you are doing a great job and I am glad you’re taking the time to help put this contest on for the rest of us. Last year was my first year in the contest and while I was not able to take a buck with my bow I still loved talking with my team and learning how people in other parts of the country hunt, and seeing pictures. I really think thats what this contest is really all about. I can't thank you enough for continuing the contest and trying to make it enjoyable for all involved.
I also a agree if it does pass that fieldmouse decides the points for the does. And I agree fieldmouse you are doing a great job. Thank you
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Im all for it i live in vermont were you can hunt hard all year and be lucky to get a doe during bow!
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I will say that I'm warming to the idea. Keep posting your thoughts. I'm still planning to leave the final decision up to the team captains with me just moderating the discussion. I plan on bringing this to a close by 9/20. That's after the teams have checked in and the captains should have been picked.
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I like the idea for points for a doe after you harvest your buck or so worth. Whatever is decided I will still have a blast . Fieldmouse you do a great job I appreciate all the time you put in. And I'm sure everyone else does too
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This comes up every year and every year its been shot down...

Think we should just leave a great contest the way it is....
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I don't really care one way or the other. Where I hunt I normally see 10 to 20 does a day and normally kill 3 does a year but what about the guy that hunts in a buck only area?

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I like the idea. but i would say 20 pts for a doe and shoot it whenever.
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I like the idea as well but it would not be fair if there is a state where doe hunting is restricted due to population control.

So I guess the question would have to be asked,
"Is there anyone who CAN't shoot a doe by law?"
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I like the idea for points for 1 doe, regardless of if it was shot before or after a buck.
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Show me a state that doesn't allow a doe to be taken and they prob don't allow bucks to be taken...lol I am for maybe up to 20 points but no more... Before or after a buck take.... I like how this contest is set up with or with out the doe points... Great job on this Fieldmouse!!!
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