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blakefrautschi 10-27-2011 05:01 PM

i'll finally be heading out again this weekend, first time i've been out in about a month! should be almost prime time though!

youngfart 10-27-2011 08:53 PM

Do us a favor,nock one of those known Wisconsin big bucks down.Oh yeah, all most fogot, don't forget to take a picture with you the bow and the buck together okay! LMAO ,good luck bud:rock:

blakefrautschi 10-28-2011 12:46 PM

Originally Posted by youngfart (Post 3867529)
Do us a favor,nock one of those known Wisconsin big bucks down.Oh yeah, all most fogot, don't forget to take a picture with you the bow and the buck together okay! LMAO ,good luck bud:rock:

Dont worry! i wont make the same mistake twice, the big guys should be getting a little more active as well! i'm feeling good about this weekend!

finner 10-28-2011 01:36 PM

No luck here yet guys, seen a couple smaller bucks but no shooters yet. It should get really good here anytime now. Ill be getting out this weekend and probally all next week in the evenings. Good luck guys!!

youngfart 10-28-2011 04:36 PM

Good luck this weekend, I'll be on stand in the am and then with the time going back an hour I won't be getting evening sits in anymore as there won't be anymore sunlight. So it'll have to wait for weekends till the 11th and then I'll sit for 6 days straight all day sits. Hopefully the rutt isin't late this year. Good luck guys and a lone Girl, LOL.:confused0024:. Who's going to be the 1st? Who was the 1st last year?

finner 10-29-2011 04:01 PM

Originally Posted by youngfart (Post 3867843)
Good luck this weekend, I'll be on stand in the am and then with the time going back an hour I won't be getting evening sits in anymore as there won't be anymore sunlight. So it'll have to wait for weekends till the 11th and then I'll sit for 6 days straight all day sits. Hopefully the rutt isin't late this year. Good luck guys and a lone Girl, LOL.:confused0024:. Who's going to be the 1st? Who was the 1st last year?

Good luck to you rocky!
lay one of those big canadian brusiers on the ground! the time change used to be this weekend here, but they moved it ahead a week which i dont mind at all.

youngfart 10-30-2011 02:11 PM

Got Out This Am
Wow the wife was in a good mood yesterday allowing me another morning sit with out having to go to church. She must be wanting something! I know what it is, she wants me to sponsor her to go to Thailand to work an orhanage for a month. You go girl and allow me what ever it is I ask:party0005:,yahooo. Anything else you want:happy0157:?
Well I got settled in at 7:45 and I didn't have to wait long, I could hear the rustle of the leaves as it approached along the trail. Grabbed my bow but wait a minute!!! He was here already, dang it,dang yote didn't give me a chance to draw on him as he was turned right around and heading back to where ever it was he came from. The saying goes, wiley coyote Huh! Never seaze to amaze me those yote's.
I sat back down and not long after I can see movement from the field in what they spend the nite in. Just caught it as it entered the tree line and I grabbed and put my call in my mouth. He was 40 yards behind some willows and I grunted. He showed no movement towards the call,I tried again and still nothing.All I could see was antler and let me tell ya there was a lot of it,he had mass and width. Off he went and I put my bow back up and grabbed the antlers and tickled them and still no response from him as he walked away.
For sure he was over 170, I couldn't get a count on points and he was moving in broad daylight to boot. I have never seen this buck and have no trail cams of him either,dang now I have to wait till next weekend to get back out. Good luck out there folks and be safe.

blakefrautschi 10-30-2011 06:40 PM

I passed on a few smaller bucks this weekend, and saw a nice shooter that would probably go about 140" but no shot.

The bucks are starting to chase around me! we have some nice deer moving around now with 3 right around 130-140 on our cams now!

i'll be out next weekend again

Hoyt21 10-31-2011 01:26 PM

Sup fellas. Hope you guys having a good halloween. Took off work this whole week will be sitting all day this week to try to tag out. Usually dont do this till 2nd week of November but looks like the rut is here and big bucks are traveling. I've got two on the properite over 170's one I got on a pic. Ill try to post them soon. I got a ten proably pushing 155 too with about 250+ body. Trick or treat :)

Hoyt21 10-31-2011 01:40 PM

What you guys think hes scores?
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He was caught on the bean field last week right before it got cutt. Theres one I know for sure that bigger but I 've seen this one one evening and the picture doesnt justifiy how big this guy is. 175er in my book just b/c i've seen him. Sorry about pic had to crop it so it could be up loaded. The trail pic of it was same clarity. It was caught on the cheapest camera I had too lol. Just goes to show you a 50 dollar camera can get just as big buck as a 500 dollar camera :)

finner 10-31-2011 06:10 PM

Well my weekend was unventful seen alot of deer and a few smaller bucks but nothing big enough

Got out of work early this afternoon and went hunting, Seen 6 bucks and one shooter right at dark that gave me the slip at about 50 yards. he was a good 130 class buck and he came to the grunt call. Grunted in a decent 5 point that i could of shot but passed on prior to the bigger buck. prerut is really kicking in here also, man i love this time of year.
Good luck this week i hope ya wack a moster like in your pic.

LadysEdge 10-31-2011 06:46 PM

Good week end
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Surprise guys....I got a nice 10 point this weekend....have not scored him yet but I think he's 135 to 145 area....I will probably do that wednesday.I'm trying to get my pictures to up load and seem to be having a problem.

youngfart 10-31-2011 08:42 PM

Hey Hey
The Ladys 1st! :kt: Awesome Ladysedge,can't wait to hear the story and please get that score up,LOL ,right on,hat's off to you.

iamyourhuckleberry 11-01-2011 04:47 AM

It was nice of you gents to let the Lady go first!

Congrats LadysEdge! You better start kicking those sleepy boys of yours into action though. The pack is getting way ahead, especially Team 11.

blakefrautschi 11-01-2011 04:11 PM

Nice work Ladysedge!!! a great buck for sure!

Hoyt that buck is a pig too! good luck getting him on the ground!

I'm itching to get back in the stand! can't wait

finner 11-01-2011 06:21 PM

Congrats ladysedge! he looks like a stud of a buck, way to get it done!

hammerman 11-02-2011 02:45 AM

Congrats LadysEdge, beautiful buck!!

I was out last Thursday saw a few small ones & passed on a 120ish 8pt, had a big buck come to 60yds & grunt & snort/wheeze @ my decoy. I've been super busy but hope to get out Thursday afternoon and next week I'll be in the woods for 3 straight days.

shawneeslinger 11-04-2011 08:38 AM

Congrats ladysedge. Way to get us started. I went out Tuesday and had a pretty eventful day on the stand. Saw lots of deer. Had 2 shooters in the foodplot right at dark, just couldn't get on em. Tuesday mornings hunt I watched a 150 run a small buck all over the place, but he never got within 200 yards. I believe the S. IL action is really beginning to pick up. If I can make it to next weekend, I've taken the rest of the month off for hunting only. Hopefully I will be able to put something on the ground then. Ya'll be blessed.

youngfart 11-04-2011 03:34 PM

Go get him bud, I'll be out in the morning and all day Sunday, then work till Thursday then 6 full day sit's, can't wait. Be safe out there team.

lumpie 11-04-2011 05:50 PM

Congrats ladysedge, nice work. I've been busy hunting bird's with my dog, been doing pretty well. I hunted Halloween an had a decent Buck come by at dark. I acquired some new property this week and decided to hunt it tonight. Well long story short, I put a arrow in my believed to be biggest Buck to date! Its gonna be a long night, but I decided to wait until morning to look for him, hopefully I'll be uploading pics real soon!

finner 11-04-2011 06:09 PM

Thats awsome news lumpie, i now the feeling of a long night, hope ya find him in the morning good luck bud!

youngfart 11-04-2011 07:50 PM

Congrats bud,hopefully it's short walk to him,will look for your write up when I get back from my morning hunt. Teams starting to gel, LOL

hammerman 11-04-2011 08:05 PM

Good luck finding your buck! Can't wait to see the pics & hear the story, don't forget to take 2 pics for the contest!

blakefrautschi 11-05-2011 09:43 AM

nice lumpie! Cant wait To see the picture!!!
This morning at 8:08 I shot a nice buck too! Should score right about150" and he has a 23 7/8" inside spread!!!! Got pictures and everything! Im on my phone right now but I'll get on a computer tomorrow and post the pics!!!

youngfart 11-05-2011 12:22 PM

Bravo ,Bravo2 pictures with bow ,smile and Deer, LOL ,Awesome bud , I passed on a 130 5x5 this morning at 15 yards. Come next Wednesday I 'll make the shot for sure though. Deer are just starting to chase,so it's not into full gear here yet. Congrats on your second and a 150 is unreal bud. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear the story.

youngfart 11-06-2011 03:47 PM

We need scores and pictures posted up in the scoring sheet from Blake & Lady'e Edge, plus stories:cool2:.Zink ,where are you? Are you hunting? Haven't heard from you since the start!!

blakefrautschi 11-06-2011 05:49 PM

So November 4th is my birthday (the big 18, I know I'm old...) and it's also usually prime time whitetail deer rut! I woke up bright and early on saturday to get in stand for an almost birthday hunt. I sat for a good hour until i finally saw a deer. A small spike with only one side of his rack, he ended up walking within 3 yards of my stand. He walked off having no idea i was there! In three years maybe he'll be big enough! then at 8:00 am I caught movement about 80 yards to my right. I turned and immediately saw that the deer had antlers and i started to get my hopes up thinking that maybe this is one of the big bucks we have picture of from our trail cameras. As he came closer I didn't really recognize him, but I did see that he was probably a shooter! As he came closer i figured that he was about 21" inside spread but not very tall, but being that wide I figure he would score pretty well and i knew i wanted to shoot him!

He came out of the brush at about 19 yards and walked on the way past my stand broadside and i took the shot at 18 yards. I got a complete pass thru and had a very good shot! He ran about 20 yards and i watched him drop.

After getting him back to the house I grabbed the measuring tape and the inside spread was 23 7/8" which is almost 3 inches bigger than I had thought!!! After doing a rough score on him I got 151 1/2" and a typical score of 140! Which makes him qualify for Pope & Young record books.
He is the 2nd Pope & Young I've shot and is my biggest buck so far!

blakefrautschi 11-06-2011 05:51 PM

theres the story!

blakefrautschi 11-06-2011 06:11 PM

g1--4 7/8---4 7/8
g2--6 3/8---5 7/8
g3--6 6/8---7 7/8
g4--2 5/8---4 3/8

H1--5 1/8---5 3/8
h2--4 7/8---5 1/8
h3--4 7/8---4 4/8
h4--4 1/8---4 3/8

MB-21----21 2/8
inside spread--23 7/8
total: 148 1/8

I'm pretty sure it's all added up right.

youngfart 11-06-2011 06:34 PM

Great buck and great story,congrats again.

blakefrautschi 11-06-2011 06:42 PM

Thanks rocky! Looks like we'll be moving back up in the rankings! lets keep this going and get the repeat!!!

hammerman 11-07-2011 04:24 AM

Blake, congrats on an AWESOME buck!!!

shawneeslinger 11-07-2011 06:05 AM

Dang, yall are making me crazy. I have towork through this Sunday before i get to take the rest of the month off. Im hopeful i can join the ranks of those posting a kill. My son has finally expressed some interest in going with me one day during our gun season. Im knee deep in man tears! He has had no interest in this before, so im pretty excited. Pray this week goes fast. Happy hunting.

blakefrautschi 11-07-2011 06:13 AM

Good luck when you get out!

also as far as the rut goes it seems that it might be even better next weekend around here! i saw a set of 2 does with 2 fawns! no buck in sight!

finner 11-07-2011 08:32 AM

Way to go Blake! congrats again on a stud of a buck! man he's got some mass, beautiful buck.

Shawn thats great to hear your boy is showing interest in hunting, good luck when you do get out again.

I didnt get to get out this weekend dang it, i might be able to get off work early and hunt a couple days this week if not ill be out next weekend and that will do it for early bow season.

huntinboy1122 11-07-2011 03:11 PM

Congrats Blake and ladysedge!! Went out this past weekend and nothing. Not much for deer movement at all. Friday night I did not see a deer all night and on my way out I walked into the field and watched 15-20 scatter. WOW! REALLY?!?! Good thing it wont be long before I am back in the stand. Keep it up!!

youngfart 11-07-2011 04:01 PM

Heck Team
Were all home sitting on our butts when the rutt is almost upon us:s6:. I too am stuck at work till Friday morning,then I'll sit for 6 day's straight,yahooo. Hopefully the rutt kicks in good by then. Real slow right now. Shawn great to see your son has took interest in hunting,maybe you'll have a partner for the rest of your life bud.

lumpie 11-07-2011 04:12 PM

Well team, things didnt go as planned saturday am. I went out to put my hands on some bone, and did not locate him. I searched for 6 hours, with five guys and my dog. We found plenty of blood, but this deer refused to bed down anywhere's. He crossed two large ravine's, a paved road and just kept trucking onto a third property which I've not gained access to yet. None of this makes sense, I was positive of a good shot, found good blood and clots, but can't recover him. I'm not done yet, I will keep looking, and hopefully gain acces to where he went. My arrow was still him, and the blood trail dried up after a mile or so. I suspect that due to the hard quatering towards me angle, i only caught one lung and maybe liver. I did not push this deer, I left right after under the cover of high winds, but he refused to bed down. I feel as if I let the deer down, my team and myself. I will keep looking for a few more days until I feel I've exhausted every option here!

youngfart 11-07-2011 04:26 PM

Do what you feel that you have to Lumpie,give it my friend,you owe it to no one but the deer. Were a team bud,were here for you if you need us for support. Good luck.

blakefrautschi 11-07-2011 06:22 PM

Lumpie thats too bad that you haven't found him yet, i lost the biggest deer i've ever seen 4 seasons ago, it's the worst feeling ever. Hopefully you gain permission to continue the trail and end up finding him! good luck!!!

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