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Turkey Goddess 04-04-2011 04:42 PM

Team 14 - Kings of Spring
Team 14 - Kings of Spring

1. Beard Buster
2. snapper1982
3. johnboy38
4. MN_Jaybird
5. caselesss5
6. Gunn
7. _zink_
8. South33
9. MN_Hunter1979
10. REROutdoors

(Bold = Checked In)

Team 14 - Weclome to your team thread! As we have more people sign up (in the alternate sign up thread) we will add more people to the teams.

Everyone needs to check in on this team (by posting here, on this team thread, so we know you're still in the contest).

First order of business is to pick a team captain. Each person should nominate a teammate that you think would be a good leader. Team Captain will score each turkey killed (NWTF Score) and post each hunter's bird (with pictures) in the results thread.


MN_Jaybird 04-04-2011 04:48 PM

I'm in! Hunting South Dakota this weekend and the weekend of 22nd/23rd. Didn't get drawn for MN tags.


REROutdoors 04-04-2011 04:48 PM

Checking In

South33 04-04-2011 08:05 PM

Checking in!
Hunting in NW Montana for the big merriam. Season opens on April 9th... 4 days! Been seeing monsters...

MN_Hunter1979 04-05-2011 06:32 AM

Checking in - hunting South Dakota


REROutdoors 04-05-2011 10:25 AM

Hunting North Carolina then headed to the midwest..

Season Opens this saturday in NC... Scouted friday and found a flock of 25 that had a few big toms in it... Found another tom with 3 hens and a few loner birds.. Huntin some ag fields that are backed up to a river with some ridges and hardwoods bottoms..

snapper1982 04-05-2011 01:52 PM

i am in. ohio starts on the 18 but i may head to tenn first..

REROutdoors 04-05-2011 01:54 PM

Howdy Snapper... What part of Ohio you from ?? I do alot of turkey and deer huntin in Ohio... Goin to be bow huntin again there this fall

snapper1982 04-05-2011 02:04 PM

central ohio we kill some dandy's... i live between columbus and zanesville.... where you hunt at?

i would like to take this time to post my name sugestion....


REROutdoors 04-05-2011 02:27 PM

There sure are some dandys there... I been to zanesville a few times... I hunt over by coshocton... I hunt the woodbury wildlife area alot and some down by Wills creek..

Kings Of Spring sounds cool to me... I can probably make us a cool logo or something for whatever we decide on

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