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Update from team 8:

Waldo Hunter has checked in.

PAHUNTER1981 is still MIA

I just sent a pm to PAHUNTER1981 about checking in.
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Update team 3

We are all in

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Ok guys - I think I got this all updated!

Please double check your teams and make sure they're right. Arrowmaster and I need to bump heads and see who to put where for the alternates.

On the main team thread, I removed the teammates who haven't checked in and listed them at the bottom of the post in red. It's POSSIBLE I've missed something, so if someone has checked in or hasn't checked in and I got it wrong - please let me know!!! I wanted to give the alternates we assigned last week a few more days to check in. Keep me posted!

For team 1 - not sure who the captain is, but I added KYDEERHUNTER03 & removed jalvja to a team that needed someone.

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Team 4 is all checked in
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Team 13-our new name will be the 12 gauge turkey chokers and I am nominated team captain for the team. (tim03b)

Also, all our members are checked in.

Thanks Tim
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All but one has checked in for team 12. MDManiac never checked in. I guess our team name is SPURminators.
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Hey all!
So this is my first time as a team captain... Please be gentle!!!
As it appears everyone from TEAM 9 has checked in and we have a some kills...
Once I get the information I will add that to the appropiate thread! We will have a team name decided by 03/20/2011 at the latest!
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Default Team 8 Longbeard Mafia first bird! Taken by Nauticstar


Alright guys I'll make it short. It was a most glorious morning! Got to my area and set up in the dark. My favorite hardwood ridge. Owls, crows, woodpeckers going crazy as the morning goes along, but no gobbles. Pretty typical for opening week of Bama. But, I know what I have on this place and was patient. About 7 a.m. I had just run a very soft series of clucks and yelps when I thought I heard drumming. If anyone knows me they say "You always think you hear drumming", which is kinda true. Anyway about 2 minutes later I heard it again this time much louder. Now I know he is somewhere close looking for me and I am now in stealth mode. Finally I catch movement and there he is 40 yards directly to my right and gun in my lap pointing left. He goes behind a tree and I swing the gun up onto my left shoulder. I shoot right handed, but as you all will agree if you have done this long enough you learn to shoot your opposite shoulder from time to time. Earlier that morning I took the rubber band off my box call and put it over the barrel of my gun(why I have no idea). So I'm looking down the barrel and can't see my bead because of the rubber band. He is now only 30 yards and in full strut looking for "that hen.". I then start sliding my right hand down the forearm of my gun to pull the rubber band down and he sees something he doesn't like. He gets nervous, I get nervous and I go ahead and shoot. I guess I hit him in the upper body so he takes off and I pop another shot off as he runs away and miss. I jump up and he goes down into a ravine and I get to the edge just as he comes up the other side. One last shot as he is going away and I drop him with a shot to the back of the head. It's opening morning of my season and this could have been a tragedy! If there is any kind of honor system in the contest I think I'm off to a pretty good start! Ha! Ha! I will post pics next! Good luck everyone!

Here is a picture with my opening day bird at my camp-I call it the Thomasville Venetian!

Here is a picture of my iPhone with the date in the upper right hand corner March 15 to validate the kill. I didn't know how else to do it.

The weight of 16 1/2 lbs.

Spur length of 3/4"

Beard length of 10 1/4 inches. It was really hard to take this picture an hold the beard in place. But I promise it was that length.

Really liked this picture of my truck in the background.

Bonus kill. Timber rattler that was stretched out in the road on the way back. I hate those things.

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I calculated the score with the NWTF calculator and got:

Your score is 16.5 + 7.5 + 7.5 + 21 = 52.5

Arrowmaster, Turkey Goddess it wouldn't hurt for one of you to make sure I done everything right.

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I will be team captain for team 6 Limb Hangers.


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