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Arrowmaster 03-01-2011 06:13 PM

Team 9 - Last Call
Heres your team

jdb 77

jjones 03-02-2011 04:53 AM

I'm here, looks like a good team. I can't believe we ended up on the same team Dan.
Come on March 12th!!!!!!!!!

mfd1027 03-02-2011 07:58 AM

Hey Jimbo. What's the odds?? Looks like we won't get to go,down here, until next wk. That's OK the weather looks a little rough for this wk. end which actually plays out perfect. lol


ek_buckmaster 03-02-2011 10:01 AM

Im checking in! And yes this does look like a good team!

car 03-02-2011 06:31 PM

checking in. I'll be hunting in Ohio and maybe I'll slip down to KY and chase a few there

Huntinlady 03-03-2011 06:24 AM

Checking in... Hello gentlemen, I cant wait to get out. My season gets underway in mid april.

hycohounds 03-03-2011 10:28 AM

i'm here. our youth start the 12th and adults start the 15th......tony

mfd1027 03-03-2011 03:47 PM

Hey, another Fla. boy. I see you're in NW Fla. Tony. I don't blame you for making the distinction. lol I'm a So. Fla. guy but don't tell too many folks that. lol

car 03-03-2011 04:57 PM

Originally Posted by mfd1027 (Post 3781523)
Hey, another Fla. boy. I see you're in NW Fla. Tony. I don't blame you for making the distinction. lol I'm a So. Fla. guy but don't tell too many folks that. lol

So does that mean you'll be hunting Osceola?

mfd1027 03-03-2011 09:18 PM

Yep. We might go Sat. I hate opening wk. end. Next wk. for sure. We're about as far South as you can hunt em.

car 03-04-2011 12:40 PM

Originally Posted by mfd1027 (Post 3781730)
Yep. We might go Sat. I hate opening wk. end. Next wk. for sure. We're about as far South as you can hunt em.

You sir have become my newest best friend. lol. I was planing on hunting Osceola next year. Sure would be nice to have someone that knows there way around to help a guy out.

mfd1027 03-04-2011 01:06 PM

I used to have an awesome lease but the Seminole Tribe bought the property so it's been public ground for the last 3 yrs. It's been tough! The birds in Big Cypress are real quiet. As a matter of fact I haven't heard a gobble in 2 yrs. We found some good sign last wk. so maybe that will change. We really weren't planning on going tomorrow but things have changed and I think we'll be headed out around 4am. It's howling rt. now but maybe it will lay down a tad. If not I'll break out one of my longboxes and have at em with it. Here's a pic. of our ride.:happy0001:

car 03-04-2011 05:37 PM

Is this rig the one you turkey hunt out of???

mfd1027 03-04-2011 06:20 PM

Yep. It's called a swamp buggy and what you need to hunt in Big Cypress. This year it's really dry so could travel anywhere with a golf cart if you wanted too. Most years we will be in 3 ft. of water for at least half of our 10 mile ride through the Glades.
There should be a lot of folk's out tomorrow. I'll see if I can get some more pic's of other rigs.

Hopefully I'll get a pic.of me and a dead turkey!!!!:happy0001::happy0001::happy0001:

mfd1027 03-05-2011 01:29 PM

I posted this over on OG and didn't want to have to type it again. lol

Guess what I heard this morning??? Geoooobbbbbbblllllleeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so shocked I couldn't believe it. When we got to the parking lot at 5 this morning it was FULL!!!!! I thought oh sh--- this is going to suck. Anyways we got the buggy cranked and headed to our spot. We had Brad's son with us and one of his buddies so we had to drive them to another spot first and then we headed over to the new spot we found on Wed. Brad dropped me off on the trail and headed about a 1/4 mile farther up the trail. It was a nice morning and the wind was calm so I just stood where I was and listened. This area is a wide open prairie with pines behind me and cypress heads in front of me. The grass is about like 3 ft. CRP. There's a ton of buggy trails out there and the grass gets mashed down from the buggy traffic and that how the birds get around. Anyways, I didn't hear anything on the roost so I headed to an intersection of several trails where it was matted down and dried mud which made for a nice opening. I had seen a lot of track's there on Wed. It was daylight as I headed over there and sure enough there was some nice gobbler track's in the rd. I found a nice spot to set up and I sat down and started calling. I did start with the travel call but switched pretty quick to the ol Secret Weapon. I let out a series of cutt's followed by some helping and boom one gobbled off in the distance. I was blown away. lol That's the first gobble I've ever heard in Big Cypress!! I fired back at him and he answered again but man was he a long way. Probably not as far as I thought but I jumped up and hauled butt toward him. The area is a maze of buggy trails and that's how you get around and sometimes you take the wrong one and then you have to do a cross country to hit another trail. I closed the distance quite a bit and now had him tearing it up. I was actually afraid somebody else would hear him but thought what the heck so i kept calling and moving trying to figure out how to get over to where he was. There was a big cypress stand between us and it was like a jungle in there and I got hung up and had to retreat back to one of the trail'.s To make a long story short I couldn't figure out how to get on his side of the head and he wasn't going to cross it either. I messed with him a while longer but he finally shut up. I did hear some hen's coming to him so I think he wound up with some ladies out of the deal and I wound up empty handed. Brad heard a single gobble too and his son and friend heard one so I'm pretty excited about our odds this yr. Only problem is he can't go back until next Th. ??? ??? I think I'm going back Mon or Tue and I'm going to ride my bike. This is the first time I've hunted out there when it was this dry. I know I can make it back there on my bike. The ride is only about 7-8 miles so it won't be too bad and I should be able to aver. about 6-8 mph so I'll plan on leaving the parking lot about an hr. and a half before sunrise. I'm excited about the deal. BTW!!! We didn't hear one single shot. I counted 21 trucks in the parking lot with 3-4 4 of them having to park in the restricted lot (no trailer's allowed) There is no walk in hunting done in this area. Not that you can't just nobody does it because the first 2 mi. or so is usually flooded. I took some video of the buggy ride and I'll post it later. Man, I'm whupped!!!!

car 03-05-2011 07:02 PM

Cool story, thanks for sharing.

jjones 03-06-2011 05:01 PM

When and where are everybody hunting.
I start in Mississippi this coming Saturday for a week long hunt
Then on march 26 I will be hunting in TN at Ft. Campbell until season comes in at my home state of KY on April 16th!!!!
Let's Get this started!!!!!!!!! I've been the first person to kill in the contest the past two years, I hope to do the same next Saturday.

car 03-06-2011 06:40 PM

Go for it jjones!

ek_buckmaster 03-06-2011 07:51 PM

I don't get to hunt until the last week of April!! Hopefully your all tagged out jjones by the time I start haha.

hycohounds 03-07-2011 10:33 AM

our weather was horrible this weekend. didn't hear a single bird but we did kill a nice sow sunday morning while listening. our season starts next tuesday. the youth hunt is this weekend coming up so i'll get some more scouting done even if we don't connect on one. i'll be hunting al,fl and ga. i have a tenitive trip to kentucky planned but it's not firm yet. anybody want to be capitan or come up with a name?..........tony

mfd1027 03-07-2011 06:40 PM

Goin again in the morning. Hope it happens!!!

Tony, sounds like your volunteering. lol You got my vote. This contest is easy compared to OG. This is the good ol honor system as far as documentation. I like it!!

hycohounds 03-08-2011 07:51 AM

NO<NO<NO. i do not want the job. i am not computer savvy enough. i have a hard time logging on. there weren't any computers when i grew up. how ever, as far as a team name. how about strut busters?............tony

Turkey Goddess 03-08-2011 04:08 PM

Welcome jdb 77 to your team! Good Luck!!!

Kim :)

mfd1027 03-08-2011 05:57 PM

Went this morning. Quiet as a church mouse.

Man, we've got a quiet team!! Anybody else up for being Capt?
Tony and I are too old!! lol

car 03-08-2011 06:16 PM

I'll pass on being Capt.

hycohounds 03-08-2011 06:23 PM

same here mfd. saw a group of hens in a field but not even a jake......tony

mfd1027 03-09-2011 05:05 AM

OK. I'll be the Capt. unless somebody else checks in that really wants the job. I've done it the last few years and there's really not much to it. Kind of looks like there's only going to be a few of us that participate anyways. I've got to go to Naples for a few days to visit some relatives from NH but I'm pretty sure they have the net over there so I'll check in later and get us organized. So far we've got "Strut Buster's" for a name. Anybody else got any idea's? Maybe we can set Sunday for a deadline to name the team. JJ will have killed at least 2 by then so we'll be on the board without a name but that's OK.

Here's a few names: Flop Master's, Big Flop, Sharp Spur's, Hoot Owl, Executioner's, Last Call, Yelpin' Fool's, BBD, Drag Mark's, Full Fan, Longbeard's

Huntinlady 03-09-2011 07:10 AM

Thought I would check back and see how everybody was doing . Welcome to jdb 77.
Has everyone checked in?

Looks as if we have some or will have a few team members in the field, GO gettem guys!!

It snowed here again last night a bit. I have awhile before the season will around here. I cant wait to get out!

I will vote for mfd1027 to become our captain and as for the team name anything is fine with me, I do like "Last Call" but am not to picky when it come to the name.

Now lets get this season started....

hycohounds 03-09-2011 09:18 AM

i like last call too. it's been flooding all day and the temps are suppose drop down into the low 30's for this weekend. it won't bother me but the kids won't like it...tony

kpatte26 03-09-2011 01:18 PM

Hey checking in! Sorry it took me so long!

hycohounds 03-10-2011 07:06 AM

temp dropped last night. didn't hear a bird. so far this year i have heard a total of 8 gobbles and 7 of those were while rabbit hunting. we haven't seen a dogwood bloom yet. maybe a late season around here. which is ok. all the part timers will be done by the time it gets kicked off.................tony

ek_buckmaster 03-10-2011 09:40 AM

my vote is for last call as well!! I just want this snow to melt so i can get out and scout more!

kpatte26 03-10-2011 04:53 PM

Who is the capt of the team... It looks like someone has sort of volunteered but not real sure on that!
It seems we only have 3 people that have yet to check in... (DawnPatrol, BuckRogers, jdb 77) as far as I can figure! Not sure when the final check in/replacement date is but hopefully we can send a message to those 3 to see if they are still participating! I know that life happens and changes your plans!!!
I will be hunting in PA with 2 tags to fill... If anyone on the team is hunting NY, PA, or Ohio would possibly like to link up to kill some birds? I can purchase a NY or Ohio tag if need be!
I like the name Strut Busters...
The weather here has been mix or rain and snow... Rain monday, Snow tuesday, Rain wednesday, Snow thursday etc etc etc... So its been a tough spring so far! I plan on getting out to the woods next week to see if I hear any gobbling but my season doesnt start until May... the only thing thats gonna do is get me all worked up for nothing!

jdb_77 03-11-2011 02:19 PM

I am checking in. Sorry it took so long it has been a hectic week for me. Looks like I got put on a team with some great hunters. I will be hunting in Oklahoma so are season doesn't open til April 6 so a few of you are getting in the woods before me. I am fine with any team name. Good luck to everybody can't wait to see all the pics.

mfd1027 03-11-2011 06:38 PM

Came home for the night and will be going back out in the am. Had a little incident with my toe and that's slowed me down a little. No gobbles for the last 2 days but maybe it will pick up again Sunday. I think the panther's have em shut up.

We don't have any internet out there so I won't be able to get things organized until next wk. for the team. So far I think Last Call is winning for the name but keep voting.

I have a feeling JJone's will have our first bird on the ground tomorrow!!!

My bad toe. Don't look if your squeamish!! lol

BuckRogers 03-12-2011 12:59 PM

Im here. been busy.

car 03-12-2011 04:28 PM

Strut Busters sounds like a good name to me. What do the rest of you think?

hycohounds 03-13-2011 07:10 PM

well this weekend was alabama's youth hunt.saturday dawned cold. i had frost on my truck. i had a girl(hannah) from down the road with me. we didn't hear anything. we check a couple of properties. i took her back to camp around 10am. my buddy keith was there with his son. he just came up for the morning. hannah was tired so she hit the camper. i told keith about a plot that i always saw turkeys in during deer season. he asked me to ride with them and check it out. we parked at the gate and walked in. i got up about 100 yards ahead just in case the turkeys were there. i rounded the corner to a strait away thats about 150 yards to the food plot. as i eased up to the corner i saw a bunch of turkeys in the plot. i backed out and had keith and his son take a peek. the road had a slight bend and it was in the shadows. i eased keith and son up to about 100 away and set them up just off the side of the road. i slipped into the woods and back to the corner and set up. i started calling and they started coming. it was several hens but they had atleast a couple of jakes. i think they spotted keith and son because there was one load putt then a flurry of wingbeats. i couldn't really see well. this morning hannah and me was in the same plot. after the fog burnt off, we heard one gobble behind us. i'm sure it was a jake but i didn't care. the young'uns can shoot what they want. i started calling to him. then another one gobbled about 100 off the food plot but i could hear hens. so i tried to copy the hens and get them to check me out and maybe bring the gobbler. it didn't work out. right before we left we heard another gobble 3 times so i plan on being back there friday morning with my gun.we heard about 15 gobbles this morning. tuesday i'm headed to some public land close to work where a not so bright hunter told me he heard 2 friday. he even gave me details. good luck to the rest of you thats hunting...........tony

jjones 03-14-2011 04:28 PM

Put this one down yesterday evening

jdb_77 03-14-2011 04:33 PM

Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!

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