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uncle matt 01-12-2011 07:03 PM

Well team sorry I crapped out there for awhile. LIOVE HAS BEEN HECTIC to say the least.

First gun season I saw I deer during the hours I could legally harvest an animal. 1 deer. Unfortunately it was a doe. Fortunately I was able to let a guy take a shot at his very first deer when it went to him. (He missed @ less than 30 yards but he said he was so stoked he was shaking like crazy) Glad he got the opportunity. My son harvested. A nice doe and him harvesting means more to me than about any deer for me.

Second season I was able to hunt for health obligations in the family. They come first. The new years season was out of the question as we host a large party each year.

So that leaves this Friday, Saturday & Sunday of which I will get 2 days max to hunt.

uncle matt 01-25-2011 08:54 AM

OK I am back home. I struck out on taking any buck this year. Not one buck of any size presented itself within range during legal seasons or legal hours. I swear they know when it is legal and not. I saw lots of nice bucks outside of legal harvesting periods.

Unfortunately, I am sorry to say I contributed nothing to the team. I feel like Jay Cutler.

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