Scoring question? Who to ask.

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Default Scoring question? Who to ask.

I've noticed that for the last two contests a lot of scoring questions pop up during the course of the season. Scoring can be tricky at times and lead to a lot of confusion. There are a lot of instances where people are shorting themselves and some instances where too many measurements are accidentally added together. After some discussion via PMs, a few of us came up with the idea of having a scoring panel or group to help out with the problems. The people that have volunteered are the following.


These people are very familiar with the P&Y scoring system and are willing to help.

What are your thoughts? Your feedback is important.

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Default RE: Scoring question? Who to ask.

Thanks Greg,

I'm in full support of this as it was brought to my attention. In the past contests there have been discrepancies both shorted and by too much. This panel was assembled to help everyone with their scoring needs. These guys will be able to assist everyone with question and help make decision on questionable scores per picture posted. Although it's impossible to totally judge a rack by it's picture I honestly feel these guys through discussion can come very, very close and between them they will know if someone shorted themselves which has happened by conversely, they may find a couple that are incorrect with too many measurements as well.

I appreciate these guys stepping forward and I have faith in them.

Also, here's a great thread that can help you get started as well.
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Default RE: Scoring question? Who to ask.


Im not worried a bit with these 4 guys in charge, great idea Greg.
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Default RE: Scoring question? Who to ask.

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Default RE: Scoring question? Who to ask.

I'm sure I will need ya'lls help. Thank you.
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Default RE: Scoring question? Who to ask.

I would suggest someone make up a standard scoring form with some instructions and sticky it to the top, so they dont have to work so hard.
Them spikes are a bugger to get 4 H measurements off of.
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Default RE: Scoring question? Who to ask.

sounds good!

thanx to the crew for volunteering!

any way the "panel" might beable to eyeball the pic and measurements and kinda make sure they go hand in hand and scoring seems to be done right?? nothing nit sure we ALL look at the entries about 10000 times...but many of us dont know much about scoring and cant look at a rack and say "should be in the 150s" i know last year i missed H measurements...luckily Rob caught it...but i messed up the scoring pretty bad...and it happens im sure...the "panel" might have noticed that Mauser didnt have the 4 H measurements just by glancing...dont wanna see guys short-changed and dont wanna see guys slipping an extra 10 or 20 inches on a rack...

just a thought to have somewhat qualified individuals kinda "check" things when they are casually looking at the entries...i know that noone can get super accurate with a pic...and stuff looks different than it actually IS sometimes...but you know what i mean...
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Default RE: Scoring question? Who to ask.



Im not worried a bit with these 4 guys in charge, great idea Greg.
Yeah, except the official measurer Kelly/KY shorted himself on his own score last year.
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Default RE: Scoring question? Who to ask.

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Default RE: Scoring question? Who to ask.

I think it's great if it's handled in the right context. If people go asking for would be a great resource. These guys obviously are versed in the process (or I assume all of them are).

Are we (the panel)going looking for "discrepancies", though? That's where I think we could head down a slippery slope.
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