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ORIGINAL: outdoormafiaKP

hey guys,
i have been using a wb since i started bowhunting. i love the thing, and no matter who tells me they don't like them (or how much better a drop away is) , i love them, and won't shoot anything else.

now the purpose of this post is to ask if anyone who shoots vanes through a wb, gets black marks on their vanes? I never had this happen on my old vanes (3'' dura vanes) but i switched to Blazers last week(all white blazers in fact) and have unattractive black marks on the vane. I was curiouse if its MY wb or ALL of them. Thanks.

I'm also getting black marks in my vanes (2" blazers w/right helical), I'm shooting cock-vane up and am getting the marks on the top side of the 4 & 8 o'clockvane, none on the cock-vane, not worried though, I'm getting 4" groups @ 40 yds.
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