Team 7 checkin

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Default RE: Team 7 checkin

Hey guys just checkin in. I hunt with a 30-06 or else a 7mm mag. This year i'll probly go with the 7mm mag.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Team 7 checkin

ORIGINAL: skeeter 7MM

Good to see you again RS1. Hows things been?

LYj no probs and thanks.

As far as name always kind of liked the name of my grunt tube so I'll derive a suggestion to start things off:


Skeeter- one change in spelling, how about widoemaker's?

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Default RE: Team 7 checkin

that one is good one, danscott. good idea

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Default RE: Team 7 checkin

I'm here.....didn't get an email and I didn't realize that teams were picked yet. Doesn't look like I'm too late.

Hunting Northern and western Virginia. Not alot of monsters, but a decent chance of getting us some points.

.270 winchester slammin them.

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Default RE: Team 7 checkin

Hey guys!!!

Looks like we're missing: _Dan, manitou210& Millertime10. I'll trypming them to tell them to check in with #7.

As far as name we only have a few suggestions so far, now is the time to add yours!! Should pick a name sooner then later though.

Names so far:
Size Matters
Widoemaker's (I like danscott spelling better)

Other things needed:
If you want a signature teamsign we need someone who is good at doing creating such. Any volunteers?

Captain as well. Anybody want to be the captain? Vote a name and majority rules?

Lets get em' -good luck and be safe!!

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Default RE: Team 7 checkin

I vote for Skeeter as our capt. I have no talent for making an avatar, hope some of you other guys do.
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Default RE: Team 7 checkin

Hi guys hope I at right place to check-in
I hunt in west Quebec Canada, this will be my 45+ year of hunting deer hope I will be able to help team, we don't usually get the big racks you neighbours to south get, but some heavy deer 200 to 300lb, might need some help how to post photo as I am not great on computer, did it a couple times but forgot how to next time I tryed, our season Nov 04 to 19th.
Team name ? Maniwaki Mega Buck's, anyone know where Maniwaki Is ?
The name of our group for 25+years " The Factory Team"
good luck everone and safe hunting
Crazzy old Canuck
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Default RE: Team 7 checkin

Welcome manitou210, glad you found us!!!

Still waiting on 2, I PMed them last night so hopefully they'll check in soon.

In the meantime we needourname, avatar/creator(if we care for one that is)and captain.

Gee danscott thanks...wasn't my intention. I'll vote for danscott as el kapo...haha.

Captain Names in the hat: (* indicate votes)
Skeeter *
danscott *

Size Matters *
Widoemaker's **
(manitou I'll combine your suggestion..If no good please edit)
Mega Bucks Factory Team *

Volunteer for avatar development???
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Default RE: Team 7 checkin

Sorry guys, been busy lately. I got in from work this am @ 4:30 and went back out when I got up. I have been busy to say the least. I hunt in OKla. and have had decent success so far this deer season. I look forward toextending the good fortune. I got a good 8 pt. that I had been scouting on the 14th. Now I am after another deer that is on a different piece of land that is larger. I set up a game camera on his rub line this past weekend hoping to get a better closer look at him and to get a good idea when he is moving and on his feet. Muzzleloading season opens this weekend, I hope to catch up with him then. I will keep you all updated on the scouting. I am kinda scattered brained at this point, so as far as thinking of team names, I am not much of a help. I am not picky, any name is fine with me. Good luck to everyone!!

Here is the post of the deer I shot a week and a half ago: 4

P.S> Sorry about the bad punctuating and grammar. Too tired to fix it all. TTYL
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Quick Reply: Team 7 checkin

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