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I just went through this with Atlas,you don't want light pull,you want small trigger travel but you need pressure to make the release go off.

Yes,there are good wrist releases.

Carter Two Shot is an excellent release at $85.00

The Tru Ball Short & sweet IIis the one i use and really like.Great release at $55.00

There are alot of really good wrist releases that are under $90.00.Just not too many thumb styles with little or no trigger travel.
I, too, use the Short-N-Sweet. It's a GREAT release! I don't have to look down to put the release head on the loop. I just feel for the loop and slide the release head onto it. No taking your eyes off the target! It's very adjustable. You can set it to go off as soon as you barely touch it...I don't suggest that. I popped my lip a couple of times trying it. lol
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