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I've been trying to find a load for the 7 Rem mag using 154gr Interbonds. Reloadersnest has a post of 73gr of R-25 under a 154IB that is supposed to produce 3280fps out of a 26" tube. I know every gun is different, but I can only safely get about 3250fps w/ the 139IB's in my 26" M700 w/ R-22. I haven't messed w/ R-25. Has anyone played with this or a similar load? Just would like to know before I buy this stuff if anyone has had good velocity results. Thanks for any info, Brett
Well, Brett, since RE25 is a slower powder than RE22, it is entirely likely that it will allow you to get a higher velocity with it than withRE22, if using the same bullet. Likewise, it could allow you to get the same velocity you get with the 139 gr. bullet with a 150. But if you want to see if that is safely possible in your rifle, work up slowly, and watch out for pressure jump!

For example, in my 26" barreled Ruger No. 1B in 7mm Rem. Mag., Iget over 3000 FPS with the 175-grain Nosler Partition bullet usingIMR 7828, but only 2900 with RE 22 with the same bullet - IMR 7828 is just a bit slower than RE 22. I have not yet tried RE 25 to see what that powder would do in the 7mm Mag......
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