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Default RE: 3Ders let's hear from you.....

Who isgearing up for 3D season?

Let's hear what you're all about....
I began shooting 3D archery as a way to prepare for hunting season and quickly developed a passion for 3D Archery. I shoot as many ASA Qualifiers, State Championships and PRO/AM's as I can but cant usually make to many out of state shoots anymore on my work schedule. I try to shoot at least 6 local 3D shoots a month.I try at the local shoots to shoot from the open and PRO stakes as much as I can to practice my longer yardage shooting and just for a good Laugh sometimes!!!
I have won 3 ASA State Championships in a row in Illinois and multiple State Qualifiers, placed 2nd at the ASA Championship Classic in Georgia in the womens Bowhunter Class, won money at a few ASA PRO/AMsand even TANKED at Bedfords IBO once of course it was RAININGJust wouldnt be Bedford without the rain[8D]I will be shooting IBO this year with the worlds closer to home for me this year.
I had an accident at work when a bow we were working on string snaped in halfwhile my finger was in the cam and it spun the cam like a saw blade andamputated the end of my left hand index finger....... I did attempt to shot the Illinois PRO/AM and my 3D Scores and shootingsuffered imensly this year from it andI acquired a bad case of target panick I developed because of it and it took quite sometime of no shooting then a lot of relearning to shoot using a different way to hold my bow hand in the grip so the bow wouldnt jump forward and down and hit me on the end of my amputated index finger after every shot [:@]and some coaching from Bernie to begin to shoot well enough to feel up to shooting the ASA and IBO circuitnext year with confidense. I missed not being able to competeinthe ASA Classic in Georgia last year.... its always so much fun and seeing so many friends there.

How often do you shoot? Everyday
What class do you shoot? Womens Bowhunter
What level do you compete on? (Local, State, National) I compete in ASA on the Local, State and National Levels
What do you average? 398 to 410
What is your 3D setup? I will be shooting an entirely new 2007 Competition Bow from Parker Bows this year.
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