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Default no deer today in the woods but did find a nice?

I was out to-day for a day hunt with my black powder rifle and was not lucky enough to see any deer for the morning hunt.I did decide to go for food at the dinner and whould hed back in aorund 1 PM for the afternoon hunt.I was park next to a blue van in the morning and seem the guy was still in the woods hunting,he must of came out after I left
as I got back to the parking spot did notice standing next to a tree a 12 GA. mossberg slug gun,nice slug gun felt bad must of been the guy in the van park next to me in the morning,hay now what to do with the gun,O well placed in my truck and behold when I came out I seen the guy in the blue van,I did stop him and return his gun to him,seem he thought he placed the gun in the van but when he got home the gun was not there.I then thought while in the woods if I see no one there when I get out wood just drop it off at the state police in the area.
This guy was one happy hunter

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