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Default RE: Time for a move... :(

Same here... After going hard at it, bowhunting all season, I'm to go rifle huntingthe whole week of Thanksgiving and part of the week after.

I will be leaving real early Sat morning (maybe Fri night - I don't know yet, depends on how much I can get packed) and heading out to the western part of VA, out to the mountains to the deer hunting camp that I belong to. We all meet up every year at Thanksgiving week/opening day firearms season and hunt the whole week, weekend, next week, etc..etc... It's a little slice of heaven out there.

I'llbring both my Remington 870, my Marlin 30-30, and my Summit Viper (maybe my Reflex Highlander bow if there's room), so then I can pick and choose what type of hunting I want to do and with what firearm. Wish me luck!!!!!!

Butch A.
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