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Default Time for a move... :(

Well, as hard as I hunted this bow season, after tomorrow, I will have to post any deer harvested in the deer hunting forum. I hung my bow up last week due to extenuating circumstances and will be in the stand with a muzzleloader tomorrow. I was really hoping to get a good one with my bow this year, but it wasn't for lack of opportunities or trying. I gave a good run at it, hunted 20 times or so (a heck of a lot more than I have ever gotten the chance for in past seasons).

So, I just wanted to say congrats to everyone who got one with their bow this year. I'd love to keep hunting with my bow, but at 8 months pregnant, my time is running out, as well as my energy reserves! LOLI've got to get another deer for the freezer. Also, my mom will be hunting for the first time tomorrow afternoon, and I will be guiding her every step of the way with my muzzleloader, so I am hoping I tag out in the morning so I can concentrate on her hunt tomorrow night.

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