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Default RE: 2007 HuntingNet Bowhunters Meet

If we're going to raise funds for a charity, we'll do it for the Benefit4Kids. Some of Christine's good friends are very involved with this organization which is much like the Make A Wish foundation, only they provide hunts and hunting opportunities to children who have life limiting disabilities/diseases or are terminally ill. You can find more info at

As for things to make it "fun" - you name it and we'll see what we can do. We have 3-D targets at the club and we can have a full 30 target course set up and ready to go, along with a few "trick" type shots as well.

Food will be catered in by a local joint that has awesome Italian beef, italian sausage, chicken, etc.

As I said, we can have some door prize giveaways, raffles, etc. We'll DEFINITELY get the dunk tank back out to raise some money for charity by dunking yours truely, and any of the Mods that show up. I'll even make Todd get in the dunk tank too.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I'm all ears. Bare minimum requirements to bring if you're traveling from out of state are easy clothes and your wallet! Bringing your bow or shotgun is a plus as we'll get the sporting clays tower fired up as well.

Let's use this thread to talk about dates so we keep things consolidated. 4th of July weekend is good, but a lot of people have family plans and it makes for some conflicting schedules so I would say that's out. There's been some concern over June being a bit too early for some of you who teach, so let's shoot for Mid-July through Mid-August some time. August generally seems to work better as it's a little cooler than the heat of July. We may be in IL, but it gets HOT during the summer.
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