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Default RE: Why aren't there more Black hunters?

I don't know any... but that doesn't mean they aren't around.

I don't think this man's post was meant to cause a stir, he's African American, so I think he is genuinly curious why other's aren't into hunting.

I think what has been said has a lot to do with it. Upbringing is where MOST hunters learn the ways of the wild. lol Many African Americans live in town, there isn't anything wrong with it, just like any city-bred white folk, that's all they know. If you don't grow up with hunting, you are way less likely to pursue it in the future. I got lucky and ended up meeting a man who hunted, and taught me how (my husband), but if not for him, I'd still be walking the blind path of an "anti". [:'(]

I do see a bunch of African American fisherman, and that is because even in the city you have tons of fishing opportunites with parks, rivers, etc...

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