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Default RE: Why aren't there more Black hunters?

I'm a 27 year old black guy from Paris Kentucky I currently live inLexington but I hunt and fish and love every moment of it. I was fortunate to have a great father that loves it more than I. In the summer months we Bass fish in the early spring and early fall we crappie fish then as soon as the season opens we are DEER HUNTING as much as possible we also Turkey and Rabbit huntas well. My Dad is a successful at both I'm getting to be the more I hunt but for the most part black kids don't have a active father in their lives to do this with. Nor do they have the resources to do it such as land, guns (rifles not hand guns)or money and we all know it takes all three. Also those fathers who do take an interest in their son or daughters well being probably don't hunt or fish alot don't even know how. I guess I'm lucky because I get to hunt on private land we don't own yet but we are currently looking to buy and I get to fish from a beautiful Ranger boat and spend time with one of THE WORLD'S GREATEST FATHERS and learn about the outdoors but most of all life and how to treat people and respect the outdoors! MANLAW
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