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Default RE: Why aren't there more Black hunters?

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I prefer to think of hunters... as hunters. I don't get into classifying them by color, race or creed. It just doesn't seem important. You're a hunting brother or you're not. Why do we need to always have to input something more than it really is?
Well If you dont see color then you must be blind or dumb cause you would have to be ignorant not to notice there are not as many African American hunters as white. Now in my case however I know many "black" hunters as I live in Southeast michigan even though I dont know any personally I do have many friends that are black that I fish and work with and they have no problem with hunting they just never got into it or had anyone to get them into it. And you know as well as I do that there are many Racist hunters out there I Hunt in a very racist part of michigan but I dont exactly understand why people can even be racist. well I guess im starting to ramble so Ill just stop cause im starting to get angry and i dont want to say anything Ill regret.
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