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Default RE: Why aren't there more Black hunters?

I would guess that most people who hunt had a father who hunted. If not a father, some close relative who hunted. If we have a close relative who hunts, we probably grow up with positive associations with hunting. If no close relative hunts, we do not have these associations with hunting and hunting may seem very foreign to us. I suspect that in a lot of places blacks did not hunt in the past, for whatever reason.

In Illinois, where I come from, most blacks were located in Chicago and probably had few opportunities to hunt. We are talking about in the past, perhaps in the 1950's and 1960's. So maybe most of the blacks in Illinois have no association of close relatives with hunting. The hunting club in North Caroline that Oneshot7 mentions may exist because blacks in North Carolina in the 1950's and 1960's were located in rural areas and did indeed have hunting opportunities and thus shared a hunting tradition with their children.

Just a theory. I grew up on a farm in Illinois, and my father hunted and was a gun enthousiast. My father grew up on a farm and as a child hunted for rabbits to help feed the family during the Great Depression. He says they used to chase the rabbits in furoughs of plowed land and caught rabbits in "gunny sacks" -- burlap bags that may have been used to hold potatoes. But I imagine he also used .22 rifles or shotguns to take other small game.
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