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Default RE: oops.....i crapt my pants!

I had one morning where I thought I might crap mine , but the cause was easily identified , I had the AB Squirts form drinking Budweiser the night before . I had gone to a buddy's property to hunt when I felt it coming on , lovely ... The meadow where I was going is very doe rich , so I didn't want to "compromise" it , but nature had other ideas . I hadn't started up my chosen tree yet , so I decided to get it over with and use a different tree . I got about 10 feet up the alternate tree when ... ohhhhh nooooo ... Back down the tree and sit on a log again . Ok , finally done , find yet another tree 'cause the sun will be rising shortly . I'm also fresh out of tp too . Climbed yet another tree , got 15' up when the bottom of the climber slips , guess who forgot to attach a stop line ? The bottom section is now hanging from my boots , and I'm hanging from my shoulder harness trying desparately not to drop the bottom section and pull it back up , kind of a tough spot for an out of shape middle aged fat boy . Guess what ? Yep , the back pressure is building again , and this one doesn't feel promising . My eyes are bugging , I can't breathe well , and if I don't get the bottom back up I'll either have to shinny down the tree or take the drop . I finally manage to get it back up and locked long enough to take a few breaths and then climb gingerly down the trunk . As soon as my feet hit the ground I ran a few yards and got my britches down just in the nick of time to avoid sharting myself , and it was only then that I remembered my tp situation . Thank goodness Wally World sells those cheap face masks ...
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