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Default RE: missed a typical 6 by 6 with dubble drop tines and split brow tines and 3 kickers

Approx 160in 8pt 15yards away broadside. It was squaring off with a younger 8pt.Had my sights lined up perfect, just as I touched the release he lurched forward at the smaller 8pt. Arrow hit mid spine dropping him. too excited and inexperienced to get another arrow I thought he was done. To my surprise he drug himself into a pile of brush 80yrds away. I followed the rule of leave them be.I watched in horor as 45 min later he got up and walked away as if nothing happend. If I would have gotten on him right away I think I could have cought up with him very easily since he was on two legs. Lesson learned!

We looked for him for two days and never found anything. My taxidermist says he sees deer all the time that have broadheads in thier spine (not the one the killed them) and he thinks I just gave him a stinger and he'll be fine. I sure hope so. That was the worst feeling in the world and I pray it never happens again.
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