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Default RE: whats the maximum shot you would ever take on a deer?

I answered 35-40 because that is what I consistantly practice. I shoot at targets and 3d forms from the ground, in a tree and from a chair.
But, Last month I bought a new switchback and my groups really tightned up allot. So, one day I step off another 10 yards from a 3d target just out of curiosity and put the red pin (I only use 3 pins) just above and behind the front shoulder. Shot five arrows and could certainly tell I had solid hits. When I walked up to the target to see a group a little bigger than a softball, I was totally amazed at how great a group I shot.

So, from then on I shoot at 50 yards at least two or three times a week.Unless I really pull the shot, and can almost always call it, I cankeep the arrows within 3inches or so of the center ring.This does three things for me. First, that 40 yard target shure does look BIG after you take a few shots from 50 yards!!!! Second, it builds my confidence. If I can hit consistantly from 50, then inside that has to be easier.... right! And lastly, I know if that deer of a lifetime comes out and the conditions are right that I would be ok witha 50 yard, measured, shot. Not for everyday mind you, only a very special condition when things are perfect. That said, the more I shoot from 50, the better I get, maybe I'll change my mind someday.

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