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Default RE: Cousin shot a monster but arrow hit limb and deflected...need help

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Last monday evening my cousin and I were out hunting on his mom and dads farm and he had a 160" 10 point come by following a doe. The doe followed a trail that broke off away from his stand and he knew the buck was going to do the same thing so he had to take a shot at 26yards through a little brush. His arrow ended up clipping a small twig and hit the deer perfect height even with the lungs but in the back leg. The arrow burried in bone after about 4 inches of penetration. We waited 3 hours before we got on the trail we were kind of pleased to see that the blood was bright red. We followed the deer in a circle for about 2 hours and he layed down 4 different times with the first spot of blood being about the size of a 55 gallon drum. Eventually we got to a point where we were following pin dot size drops of blood...This is where I need help...do you guys think the deer is dead and we need to search the area thoroughly again or did he clot up and is still walkin...
I feel your pain...but.
Shooting through brush is never a good idea, for this reason.
Still....I hope he lives
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