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Some people swear by Sierra 85 grain HPBT bullets in .243. Without disputing whether this is or is not an effective deer round,a Federalloading using this bullet provides a muzzle velocity of 3310 feet per second. Sighted 2" high at 100 yards it is dead-on at 240 yards and only3.7" low at 300 yards. If you look at 100 grain commercial loads my guess is you are looking at 3100 feet per second and just slightly poorer trajectory. The .243 is a great cartridge for deer and pronghorn antelope out to 300 yards, probably a little farther.

I have taken one deer and one pronghorn antelope with my .243 using Winchester 100 grain power point loads. I intend to use the 85 grainSierraHPBTFederal load described above on smallish Oklahoma deer in a couple of weeks. This Federal load sure shoots well in my rifle.
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