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I bought my son a Model 7 .243 when he decided he wanted to start hunting. I really liked it a lot when I was sighting it in for him. I'd been shooting an '06, but I'm a bit recoil averse, so I didn't really LIKE shooting the '06. Anyway, karma kicked in and a couple days after getting his sighted in, Bass Pro Shops ran a sale on Remington 700 ADL's for $249. I figured that was a sign from God, so, I ran out and bought one. We used them last year, and took four deer with four shots.

We use the cheap-o Remington Express 100 gr. Pointed Soft Point Core Lokt's. My 700 will group three inside a dime at 100 yards. Currently on sale for $12.99 a box, with a $5.00 mail in rebate. I don't see any reason to spend the money on premium ammo for this gun. It's too fun to shoot a lot,the cheap stuff works quite well, and deer are thin skinned, so penetration isn't really an issue.
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