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Default Don't be STUPID......

Hey Guys and Gals,

I did not want to hijack Pats post, so I am starting a new one to say this:

Please wear a safety harness when using a ladder stand TOO. I know a lot of people who do not wear them in ladder stands, because it is a ladder stand. They hink they are perfectly safe. Well they are not. About 17 years ago I took a 17 foot fall from one. I had never given any thought to needing a harness in a ladder stand, and then it was too late. There was no permeninate injury ( that we knew of ) at the time, but I am still at home right now, recovering from neck / spine surgery. I still have about another month of recouperation time left. I had the surgey on Sept. 14 th. This is no fun at all, and if I had a safety harness on, I probably would not have had to have surgery to " fix " 2 ruptured disc's and three damaged vertebrae in my neck. I have some nerve damage in my right arm, and the Dr.'s are not sure if I will ever get the full use of my right arm / shoulder back.....

This is not a game.... This is serious.... Take my STUPIDITY and learn from it. I would hate to see any of my friends here badly hurt, or worse.....

I was an idiot........ You don't have to be, too.


God Bless
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