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A couple weeks ago we had hogs tearing up a 50acregrain field bad!
we found them in the open field 1 night and chased them down with the truck got within 15-20 feet and 1 guy in the back was shooting 12 guage with high brass buck shot. these pigs about 30-40 of them 40lbs -200lbs
let me tell you at 15-20ft it took 2-3 good shots to take them down with BS.
We took 9 total. the devestation these hogs was causing my Grandfatherwas costingMajor $$$$$$$$$
We also had a sow traped at another grain field and she was in heet and about every hour a big boar would show up and would not leave we would drive up to 10 feet of them and it still took a couple shots! and 1 charged the truck after being hit! BE CAREFULL
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