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Are the areas big/open enough you could just spend a couple days 'watching'? I know alot places this just isn't possible, but my area is alot of open fields and pastures so its not to hard to pick a vantage point and make a date with the binoculars. See where they come out at and where they go in, where they feed...and where they bed when they bed in the open. The first year I bowhunted (deer hunted at all actually) I saw 1 doe with 2 fawns and one big ole brown cow that about gave me a heart attack (Do you have any clue how BBBIIIIGGGG a cow sounds crashing through the woods!!! haha!) Anyways, I found out that the particular deer in my area didn't follow all the textbook rules...but once I got an idea of where they were and when, I started to piece it together and it makes sense now. I do not envy you guys that have to hunt in dense public land.
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