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.243 is an awesome caliber (unless you listen to the magazines) I've hunted with a Browning BLR-81 in .243 for 20 years. If you have correct shot placement the deer will go down. I've only had to track one deer with it. It was an 8-point that I shot at 327 yards (laser) and he dressed at 215lbs. It went through both lungs and he went 75 yards into some thick stuff.

I recently bought a Tikka .300wsm and that is what I hunt with now. This is just because I elk hunt every couple of years and I would like to use one gun for both. There is a lot to be said for feeling comfortable with a gun. I didn't want an elk gun that sat in the cabinet and I use to sight in and hunt every other year. So I hunt deer, hogs, and elk with one gun now.
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