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If it were me and you took me hunting, I would shoot the deer. You're acting like you are 12, dude grow up. Did you explain to him that you wanted him to help you take your first deer? If someone asks me to go hunting with them, it's open season. If they ask me to help them get one, I will do all that is within my power to help them get one including passing shots of deer that may pass by me going toward you. But if a BIG buck walks by, I may be tempted. You invited him to go, what did you expect him to do. And if you are his supervisor, then act like a supervisor. Work is work, hunting is hunting, don't confuse the two because they are completely different. You seem to want to take advantage of the situation because you are his super. From what you explained I wouldn't want to go hunting with you because you are the type to carry your grudges into work and make my job hell. Just my 2 cents
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