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I'm the 3rd guy from the other boards. I just recently Lots of greatmaterial on this site.

Brad lives in your area, it takes him about 2 hours. I live in Bristow, a fancy name for Gainesville. It takes me just over an hour to this area in Madison County. It's just south of Culpepper off rt 3 heading towards Orange. If your interested, please contact Brad, ASAP.

There are deer onand around this property. I've hunted there twice, saw4 doe the first evening, not before they got wind of me first. Hunted another morning with nothing seen, but spooked a bunch of them on the way into the stand. We did see a big boy with his bitches on the first dayRick64, Brad and Ivisited the property.

I'll be hunting Friday and Saturday. I plan to go back down on Sunday to set up a new ladder stand, somewhere in the vicinity of Brads climber.

Brad or Rick, if either of you have another suggestion of where to set up the stand, please let me know. If either of you care to come down on Sunday, we can replace or adjust some of theother stands on the other side of the road. Rick, have you had any luck there as of yet? I saw your truck Saturday. I waited for a little while to see if you were coming out that morning. Sorry I missed you.
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