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Default Skunked so far?

Congrats to all who have harvested so far this season,but lets hear from the folks who have been hunting but haven't been able to put one on the ground yet.

My season started on Saturday and I have seen two does about 400 yards away(no doe tag) I've seen more yotes than deer. Saturday was dry and it was really hard to keep quiet,well it started raining sunday and it carried over to taday.
Sunday I ignored the discomfort and hunted pretty much all day. I did stop for lunch and figured when I went back to the field I would hunt the south corner of the state land I was on,when I started making my way out there I saw orange and figured some one was in the spot. Then I saw the dude dragging out a deer.Why did I leave my lunch in the car?
Today it rained hard almost all day and I was completely soaked by 11am. My water proof boots failed and I was making a squish squish sound with every step. I was miserable and starting to get a little depressed and now I'm coming down with a sore throat[:@]So that's my season so far, tell me I'm not the only one having a tough go of it.
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