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I am also from Indy. I think Kyle made a good decision to allow me the right to carry a handgun that I already have the right to carry and have the permit to carry. The permit is to carry a handgun - the only exceptions are on federal property, schools, and casinos. The permit does not say anywhere 'not legal while bow hunting'. As for nothing in the area that you would need a handgun for, meth is becoming quite a problem in the rural areas. If I happen upon a lab, I would much rather have my .357 w/ me than a couple of sticks w/ pointy ends.

Also, if we want to go from the poaching angle, why are pistols in centerfire rifle rounds legal? I know of someone that used a .270 rifle to shoot a dear. If he was questioned, he was going to claim that he used a .270 pistol.

If poachers were concerned about breaking the law, they wouldn't be poachers.
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