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Default RE: iNDIANA DNR to allow pistols during archery season

I think it's a great idea personally. I wish I could pack legally in PA and NY when bowhunting. I have sooooo many neighbors that illegaly trespass on the property me and my family work so hard to pay the taxes on.We posted the property last year for the first time in over 40 years and they don't respect it because they never asked permission or felt the need to. 1x of the neighborsis a convicted violent felon, and one of the others was busted for having a meth lab several years ago.Last season Itracked footprints from the core of a big bucks bedding area into one of their backyards during late season despite the posted signs and this year there were footprints all over and fresh breast feathers on the ground during turkey season. I haven't spent the time trying to catch anyone down there but will this season, and it is almost a definite that I will be running into them this year and confronting them.It would be nice to know that if I run into a problem alone and there are 2x of them I have a means to protect myself beyond a 2 way radio or bow.
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